Ecosyms Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offering panel meters which has been recognized as the industry's most versatile and have been expertly designed for a variety of applications. If a standard product does not meet your requirements, our experienced team of designers can quickly develop a custom solution. Our meters are available in various sizes and capabilities including count, rate, time, voltage, current, process, strain gage and temperature inputs. Our panel meters are field proven, time tested and have earned the distinction of being the industry's #1 brand for 8 years and counting.

Providing an unrivalled benchmark in source switching, ECOSYMS is continuously innovating to ensure ever more efficient ways to guarantee the continuity of distribution and, therefore, the rate of availability of your energy. From the 'small' manual changeover switch to the automatic changeover switch, the range of switches covers, as standard, a large proportion of needs. Ecosyms changeover switches can be used not just for Normal/Backup operation, but also for managing the switching of loads or the connection of equipment to earth. Our change-over and transfer switches are designed to transfer loads from one power source to another in a wide variety of applications. With an advanced and compact design, our change-over and transfer switches can be installed in confined spaces