An electrical surge can be occurred in an electrical power transmission system due to various reasons. Surge in electrical system originated mainly due to lightning impulses and switching impulses. Electrical surge produces a large transient over voltage in the electrical network and system. The shape of the transient over voltage has a steeply rising front with slowly decaying tail as shown in the figure below. This steep voltage wave travels through the electrical network and causes over voltage stresses on all the electrical insulators and equipment come under its travelling path.

We are Leading Manufacture and Supplier of Lightning Protection System with an advance technology lightning arrestor which ensure protection of your infrastructure and human life against lightning strike. Our advance lightning protection technology protects wider areas effectively as its ion accumulation technology enables it to grab lightning before it strikes to objects over very high virtual heights. Working principle: Advance lightning arrestor works on early streamer emission where it starts to emit accumulated charges to atmosphere before lightning strike to objects. it ensures protection over wide geographical space.

We are manufacturer, exporter, supplier & trader wide range of Onay Plus Active Lightning Arrester. The most important features of active lightning, where they are established, an effective protection in a circular area hashes lightning. We also provide other make of lightning arrester, as per our customer's requirement.