AMF5.1 is designed with enhanced applications in mind and equipped with all the necessary hardware and software to fulfill this demand. The unit is equipped with an ARM Processor for high performance. All the Mains and Generator parameters are measured, processed and executed simultaneously, which in return allows enhanced functions for single and multiple Gen-Set applications.

System hardware allows the user to interface with high demanding applications, where high number of peripheral control is required. The system software also carefully designed in order to allow dedicated functions to be characterized for a particular application. Simple logic functions can also be executed on the auxiliary inputs and outputs, hence reducing the number of peripheral instruments.

The controller is equipped with multiple communication ports for enhanced interface with external control systems. RS232/485 can be used for on-site system configuration as well as remote control and monitoring of the system while integrated CAN Bus can communicate with engine ECU module. The system can also be interfaced with ENKO external i/o expansion modules for applications where specific dedicated hardware control is needed.

Front panel design includes 3 analog displays for Engine temperature, Oil pressure and Fuel level indication. Functions can be made to operate on these measured analog values. In the standby mode, the unit can also measure and control the engine body temperature. The load can be controlled both manual and automatic, where both MCB and GCB contactors can be controlled from the front panel. The system can be used for multiple Gen-Set applications, where one can be selected to be master and allow to control the others as slave units. AMF5.1 allows remote programming, monitoring and GSM interface with any external control system.


  • PC Interface for monitoring and system programming, SCADA control.
  • Real-time clock and time stamped alarm logging.
  • Phase sequence detection and reverse power protection.
  • Measurement of KW, KVA, KVAr, KWh and Power Factor.
  • Magnetic Pick-up input for RPM measurement.
  • Phase sequence and reverse power protection for the Generator.
  • Full digital calibration of all analog measuring inputs.
  • 5 LED displays and 3 analog bar-graph displays
  • 6 periodic and 6 motor service timers.
  • RS232/485 com port with ModBUS/RTU protocol and CanBUS/J1939 interface.
  • Automatic alarm acknowledge function via menu programming.
  • Earth curent measurement.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic or Manual transfer of the Load between the Mains and the Generator
  • Easily receive information regarding the status of the Generator and view/edit parameters by sending and receiving SMS messages over a mobile phone
  • Option to configure paramters using the front panel or via ENKO Pro-Link SCADA software.
  • Three analog displays on the front panel allow easy monitoring and single instrument control.
  • Program weekly work schedules to test or simply run the Generator.
  • Internal relay outputs eliminate the need for external relay use.
  • Earth current measurement allows the calculation loss due to earth current leakage.
  • The time and date stamped alarm and event logs allow easier and faster troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Three user levels unsures the safety of the system.
  • ECU communication can be made through CanBUS/J1939 and pre-loaded engine configurations allow easy set up