AMF 4.0 Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) control module from ENKO offers flexible management of Load and Diesel Generator functions. The MCB and GCB relays can be controlled efficiently, allowing minimum load break, with single Mains/Gen-Set applications.

The controller offers 5 digital displays for monitoring system values. All voltages and currents are measured as True RMS values, with better than 1% full scale accuracy.

All three phase voltages of mains and generator side are measured as well as the load phase currents. This allows optimum control of load supply for safe operation. The illuminated mimic diagram allows easy monitoring and function controls on the front panel. All system parameters can be configured through an extensive menu. All the I/O ports can be configured and set to match the required application characteristics and all measuring analog inputs can be calibrated, using the system menu. Preset temperature and pressure gauge characteristics can also be selected direct from the menu.

The controller also includes a "Remote Start" input so that it can be interfaced with other control systems. Remote start characteristics can also be set through the system menu. Magnetic pick-up input is available for reliable and accurate measurement and control of engine speed.


  • 5 LED displays with 3 digits.
  • 10 LED alarm indicators on front panel.
  • Automatic load transfer functionality.
  • MCB and GCB contactor open / close buttons.
  • 3 phase Mains and 3 phase Generator voltage sensing.
  • 4 digital inputs (4 configurable).
  • 6 digital outputs (3 configurable).
  • 2 analog inputs (Oil Pressure and Coolant Temperature)
  • Full control and protection of Diesel engine and Alternator
  • Full digital calibration of all analog measuring inputs
  • Analog bar-graph monitoring for engine temperature and oil pressure
  • Fully configurable inputs and outputs
  • Automatic, Manual and Test operation modes
  • Current measurement function
  • Alarm logging (last 10 alarms) and service timers
  • Digital calibration on voltage and current measurement inputs
  • On-load and Off-load test functions
  • Engine running hours and service timers display System

Key Benefits

  • Automatic or Manual transfer of the Load between the Mains and the Generator
  • Offers economical solutions for single Gen-Set applications
  • Simultaneous monitoring of 5 measured values reduces the need of external metering on the panel.
  • Program weekly work schedules to test or simply run the GeneratoBar-graph displays eliminates the need of separate analog displays on the Generator panel.
  • Bar-graph displays eliminates the need of separate analog displays on the Generator panel.
  • All parameters on the unit are password protected.
  • Three user levels unsures the safety of the systemli
  • Internal relay outputs eliminate the need for external relay use
  • Remote start / stop interface allows the controller to be used remotely